Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tips for saving time in the morning

Here are a few tips and shortcuts that can help you get out the door a little earlier in the mornings.

* Try a wrinkle releaser instead o ironing, or iron at night.
* Make a to do list each night for the next day.  This could also help you sleep better, because you will go to bed with less on your  mind.

* Go ahead and pick your outfit for the following day the night before.

* Know what the weather is going to be like the next day.  This will help you choose your outfit for the day.

* Another good idea is to have your outfits planned for the whole week.  You can label your hangers with the days of the week to keep your outfits organized.

* Prepare lunch for your kids and yourself ahead of time.  Eating a lunch that is prepared at home will not only save you time but it will also save you money.

* Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up.  This will boost your energy and help your body wake up.

* Go to bed at the same time each night.  You tend to rest better when you follow a routine.  Better sleep can be better than more sleep.

* If you workout in the mornings, go to sleep in your workout clothes.

* Brush your teeth in the shower.

* Set your coffee maker to start brewing 10 minutes before your alarm goes off.

* Place your keys on top of anything that you don't want to forget in the morning.

* Avoid hitting the "snooze" button. If you drift back off to sleep, you will restart your brain's sleep cycle.  This will cause you to be even groggier when you get out of bed.

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