Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Using Pinterest for Business

Do you use Pinterest  to help build your business?  I am experimenting with it myself.  I find Pinterest to be very fun, but it can also be very beneficial.
Ninety percent of the information transmitted to our brains is visual.  This is a big plus when it comes to using Pinterest, being that this platform mostly deals with images.
More than twice as many people buy from Pinterest than Facebook.  The average order value of a products purchased on Pinterst is $179.36, compared with $80.22 on Facebook and $68.78 on Twitter.  As you can see Pinterest can be a profitable tool.
70% of people visit Pinterst for inspiration compared with 17% on Facebook.  80% of pinners buy within 3 weeks of a products being pinned, and 85% of the content shared on Pinterest comes from users instead of brands.

As you can see, having a Pinterest business page is a good idea.  Make your page professional.  Optimize it by using keywords in the username, about section and board title.  Fill your boards with engaging original content.
The most popular types of pins are:

Do's and Don'ts of Pinterest

Create tall pins with lots of pictures
Use compelling headlines
Use thirty or more terms for keyword targeting
Include a call to action

Design ugly ads
Waste caption space
Pay for traffic without a strategy

I know that this is very brief, but I hope that it helps you increase your engagement on Pinterest.  As with anything consistency is the key, and remember that inspiration sells.