Thursday, April 3, 2014

Join our team. No money needed.

There are so many work at home and home business opportunities online that it can be almost impossible to decided which one(s) to join.  I just want to highlight some of the reasons that I chose to join Le-Vel.

* There are no sign up fees.  You are never charged a dime to be a part of this company.

* There are no monthly fees.  You don't have to pay a monthly overhead fee to work with Le-Vel.  You websites and back office are given to you free of charge.  Le-Vel uses cloud technology.  There are no fancy office building to pay for.  This helps keep the business affordable for our promoters.  And what can be more affordable than free?

* There is no free trial and never anything to cancel.  A lot of companies will let you try their businesses out for free for a certain amount of time.  If you do not cancel during that specified time, your credit card will start to be charged a monthly fee for website hosting, overhead and whatever else.  You have nothing to cancel with Le-Vel since you are never asked for any payment information in the first place.

* You are not required to purchase any kits or products.  Even though it is not a requirement, once you experience our products and feel how they get your body performing at it's peak level you will realize how great they are for you.  Plus if you refer 2 auto ship customers, you get your products for free every month.

* The best reason is the fact that the products do what they say they do.  Thrive by Le-Vel helps with pain management, weight management, your digestive system and much more.  The products get your body operating at it's peak levels.  Thrive gives your body the nutrients that it needs daily.

Check the product line out at

Sign up as a free promoter at and I will help you get started building your business from home.

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