Monday, January 27, 2014

Don't quit before the blessing.

I have been associated with so many work at home opportunities and home business that I can not keep count.  Some of them were a waste of time, but a lot of them were great opportunities.  I guess a lot of people want to know why I have jumped around from business to business if I came across so many good ones.  The reason is the same as it is for most other people in the same situation.  We often quit before the blessing.
For some reason, when it comes to work at home opportunities we expect to see instant results.  We sometimes forget that building an online business takes time, patience and hard work just like any other business.  We think that if we place ten online ads today, we should have a hundred orders tomorrow.  This is not the case.

We have to understand that a person may see an ad ten times before they ever decide to visit the website.  And even then, they may have to continue seeing that ad and visit that site a few more times before they decide to make a purchase.  It is all about being consistent.

If you are consistently working and promoting yourself and you business, you will eventually see the results that you desire.  It pays to network and socialize with others.  It is also important to treat an online business just as you would any other business.  I have had to set a schedule for myself and treat my business like a job.  If you choose to work your business here and there whenever you feel like it then you will never reach your full potential. 

With this being said, I hope that everyone is having a great Monday, & I wish you all much success.

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